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Assistance for People Going Through Probate

When a loved one passes away in Florida, settling their estate will benefit from and usually requires a Florida Bar licensed attorney.  Our probate law practice will give your case the attention it requires from start to finish.  

Florida estate administration is a sophisticated endeavor which requires familiarity with complex Florida law and detail-oriented service is required throughout the process.

Handling the estate of a deceased loved one can be stressful for even the most closely knit families, but our firm focuses on making the process as pleasant, affordable, and as worry-free as possible during an already difficult time.

We promise to quickly respond to you when you need us, and keep you informed throughout the process, so please CALL US TODAY! (239)220-3100

What Is Probate?

Probate refers to the official process in which the estate of a deceased person is settled - legally divided or passed on - through court proceedings. It is the formal legal process that gives recognition to a will if the deceased left one, and appoints the executor or personal representative. Generally, one person, appointed by the court and nominated by the deceased person's will or often a close family member if there is no will, is named as executor or personal representative. This person has legal authority to handle all of the assets of the person who has died. Probate proceedings ensure the deceased's assets and debts are properly managed and ensures that the correct heirs receive the proceeds of the estate.

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Do I Need a Lawyer in Probate?

While that depends on the exact nature of your situation, in general, it is best to have a lawyer help you with administering an estate. Even in a straightforward probate proceeding, an experienced lawyer can assist with anything that may come up and make sure everything is done properly. Certain estate administration proceedings in Florida require a licensed attorney. 


Avoiding mistakes can save time and money.
We strive to provide accurate legal representation and prioritize our clients and their needs. This is especially important because Florida has complex laws surrounding estates and inheritance. The probate process in Florida can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. Our team always works hard to streamline the process and reduce your stress during an already difficult time.

Summary Administration/Homestead Petition 

$1350-$2500 Flat fee. 
Depending on Complexity and Value of Estate Assets 

Flexible Payment Options


Formal Administration 

From $3500 Flat fee. 
Depending on Complexity and Value of Estate Assets 

Flexible Payment Options


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